Beer bagels

Beer bagels

I've been making a ton of bagels recently, and after posting about today's batch, I was asked for the recipe. I scrawled it out quickly on pastebin, but feeling a bit guilty at neglecting my blog, I decided to edit it slightly and post. It's still pretty rough and ready, but you should get the idea.

Ideas of March

ideas of march

In a familiarly-named post over at All In The Head, Drew McLellan urges us all to follow his blogging lead:

“ Permanence and findability are important for ideas to spread and grow. Twitter is a fragile and fleeting place. Give your ideas and thoughts the permanent home they deserve. ”

Black bean and tofu burgers, à la North Peak Tavern

Black bean and tofu burger a la North Peak

Despite being a committed carnivore, there are few things I enjoy more than a good veggie burger. Making them well has always been an ambition of mine, but sadly it's been an unfulfilled one until recently – delicious-tasting but mushy lentil blobs, or pancakey fritters. A recent search turned up this wonderful-sounding recipe from the North Peak Tavern, which I desperately wanted to try. The one issue, sadly, was that one of the main ingredients is the one thing Kathryn genuinely won't eat – mushrooms. Not to be put off, I thought I'd give it a go with tofu instead, adding soy sauce to try and retain some of that rich umami flavour.

My new favourite photo

Me and Rowan

Kathryn took this yesterday, using just my phone and a bit of lucky lighting from a nearby window. Instantly my favourite photo of all time.

Hello world.


Our son, Rowan Warwick-Farr, was born on January the 3rd 2012. Of all the things I've made over the years, he's by far my favourite.


epilogue – skate on, little man.

Saying goodbye to an old friend.

semiDad: 20 week update



First picture of our son / daughter!

If I've been a bit quiet for a while, it's partly because we've been putting this together. Should be an even more exciting Christmas than usual.

Generic Text: relaunching my portfolio

Generic Text.

Last night I finally got around to relaunching my long-suffering portfolio site, Generic Text. Any designer will tell you that rebuilding your own portfolio is pretty fraught, so my aim with this was to keep both the site content and the process as brief as possible.

Linuxguy illustrations

linux guy (at screen)

“ I was thinking about a typical unix bearded guy (think comic book guy from The Simpsons, but more hairy). ”

Officially the best brief ever – had a lot of fun with this. It was for a couple of illustrations I did for Andrew Taylor, who's running a course on production Linux and needed an image thumbnail for the course.

There's a couple more illustrations in the full post – including the first version which didn't make the cut (but which I'm still very fond of!)