Charlie Brooker vs. the BNP

“ Extremist material of any kind always looks gaudy and cheap, like a bad pizza menu. Not because they can't afford decent computers — these days you can knock up a professional CD cover on a pay-as-you-go mobile — but because anyone who's good at graphic design is likely to be a thoughtful, inquisitive sort by nature. And thoughtful, inquisitive sorts tend to think fascism is a bit shit, to be honest. If the BNP really were the greatest British party, they'd have the greatest British designer working for them — Jonathan Ive, perhaps, the man who designed the iPod. But they don't. They've got someone who tries to stab your eyes out with primary colours. ”

Charlie Brooker talks about the BNP, making (as ever) his own fearsome brand of sense. I'm a graphic designer, and this site is primarily concerned with graphic design, so I'm sort of duty-bound to quote the above section. To be honest, I know a lot of graphic designers, and a fair percentage of them (us, I should say — I include myself) share a few particular negative traits . But not one that I can think of would lower themselves to the level of working for the BNP.


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