Privacy Policy

Okay. The short version is, of course, that I will never send you spam and I will never share your personal details with anyone, ever, in a million years.

Twitter login

The latest version of this site uses Twitter OAuth during commenting. Put simply, you log in using your Twitter account so that I can validate who you are (hopefully solving the spam issue), use your name and avatar for comments, and link back to you. In this way, this site never sees private details like your email address or Twitter password. The site also only asks for very limited access to your Twitter account, and does not ask for update or DM access to your account. In my opinion there is a very specific circle of hell reserved for the developers of applications which update someone's Twitter stream without them asking it to.

Put simply: the only time I save any of your details from Twitter is when you leave a comment – at this time, I save your name (eg. "Andi Farr"), your Twitter name (eg. "semiBad"), and the URL of your current avatar. In future it's possible I'll develop other functionality based on Twitter interaction; however, I will always make it very clear what I am doing in this respect.

Stat tracking

I monitor traffic visiting this site using the excellent Mint (by Shaun Inman). This records small amounts of information about you as you move through the site, such as your IP address and the pages you visit. At some point I'll probably start using cookies to help identify you during this process – don't worry, this will be totally optional, and will just let me see a name instead of an IP (if you've entered one in the comments or contact form, that is). At the moment, I don't, but it'll probably happen at some point in the future. If / when I do, I still won't be sharing it with anyone, and won't be using it for anything more than finding out how you're using the site.

If you have any further questions about the site and the data you leave here, feel free to get in touch any time.