epilogue – skate on, little man.

Saying goodbye to an old friend.

Generic Text: relaunching my portfolio

Generic Text.

Last night I finally got around to relaunching my long-suffering portfolio site, Generic Text. Any designer will tell you that rebuilding your own portfolio is pretty fraught, so my aim with this was to keep both the site content and the process as brief as possible.

Linuxguy illustrations

linux guy (at screen)

“ I was thinking about a typical unix bearded guy (think comic book guy from The Simpsons, but more hairy). ”

Officially the best brief ever – had a lot of fun with this. It was for a couple of illustrations I did for Andrew Taylor, who's running a course on production Linux and needed an image thumbnail for the course.

There's a couple more illustrations in the full post – including the first version which didn't make the cut (but which I'm still very fond of!)

Distract me not: Faux WriteRoom in the CMS

Faux WriteRoom

In which I jury-rig my CMS to emulate the excellent WriteRoom, and thus maybe write articles a little bit quicker.

semiBad version four: more old school than an old school

semiBad version four

Earlier this weekend I decided to add a few bits of new functionality to the site. As is so often the case with these things, it quickly snowballed into an early spring-clean, and the first proper refit of the site's backend since I built it the first time. Here's a quick rewrite of what changed and why.

HTML5 Poker cheat sheet: a web app html5 poker cheat sheet
  1. I started playing Poker again.
  2. I built an HTML5 cheat sheet and web app to help you sort out chips before a game.
  3. I wrote an unfeasibly long blog post about points one and two.

Scared of the Ocean - Thalassophobia

Thalassophobia - CD case, front cover

A couple of weeks ago I posted this illustration, which I was hoping to develop as a full project. And that's exactly what happened — as the artwork for the debut album from Scared of the Ocean, a band from my home town of Milton Keynes. Plenty of pictures in the full article.

Mano a Bydo

man vs. dobkeratops

A quick remix of a vector illustration I did last year, for a blog post that I never finished.

On a related note: Dobkeratops is my favourite video game boss of all time. I think that was basically what I was trying to say in the blog post, although I had it padded out over about 1500 words. That, and that you should probably play an R-Type game in the next few days.



Under the Water

under the sea

A little bit of in-progress illustration work that may or may not be for a future project...

(On a slightly related note, who do I need to screw to get a dribbble invite?)