Scared of the Ocean - Thalassophobia

A couple of weeks ago I posted this illustration, which I was hoping to develop as a full project. And that's exactly what happened — as the artwork for the debut album from Scared of the Ocean, a great band from my home town of Milton Keynes.

Thalassophobia - CD case, front cover Thalassophobia - CD case, inlay Thalassophobia - CD case, back cover

After the CD artwork, I built a matching promotional site for the band to push the album. We kept it as simple as possible — a single page site to provide all the relevant information quickly, with a strong visual theme to match the album artwork, and spiced up with a few choice CSS3 elements!

Thalassophobia - site, header Thalassophobia - site, about the album Thalassophobia - site, footer

If you'd like me to build something like this for you, don't hesitate to get in touch — I recently finished a major contract and am currently booking freelance graphic and web work.


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